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Are you not entertained?


The Leo Affects or L.A., was created to bring everyone the most entertaining guest interviews possible. By not limiting to one type of guest we are able to explore the many facets the world has to offer. It is my hope that everyone listens, relaxes and has a good laugh.

Ray Rumsey


What we do around here...

Entertainment is our main purpose, we do this by:


Guests of all walks of life.


Excitement is always good.

Throughout the years I’ve been working hard to develop my own artistic voice and make sure I stand out in the entertainment scene. There is nothing I enjoy more than hearing a good story or having a good laugh.


Guest Reviews

Real reviews from real guests

"I had an absolute blast talking with you! Thank you so much once again for having me on your show! It was an absolute honor!"

- Danielle McRae, Voice actor.

" Thanks a lot Ray, Man it's really a pleasure talking to you."

- Larry Hankin, Actor.

" You're an entrepreneur, my kind of guy! Thank you so much for having me on your show, I really appreciate it."

Scott Page, Musician and entrepreneur.


Meet the team:

Host: Ray Rumsey, A.K.A. The Leo
Chief Editor: Scot Rinick
Musical Genius: David DeSanto


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